ACL Reconstruction for Noblesville, IN

ACL reconstruction surgery is a common procedure for those who have sustained an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee. At Shelbourne Knee Center, we understand the importance of getting you back to your daily activities and sports as quickly and safely as possible.

Our Surgical Procedure

ACL reconstruction surgery involves replacing the damaged ligament with healthy tissue, which can come from the patient’s hamstring tendon, the patient’s patellar tendon, or donor tissue.

Recovery from knee ACL reconstruction surgery can take several months, with the first few weeks involving rest, icing, and physical therapy to reduce pain and swelling and begin building range of motion and strength. As the knee heals, patients will gradually increase their activity level and participate in a rehabilitation program to continue building strength and flexibility.

At Shelbourne Knee Center, we have a team of experienced surgeons and physical therapists who provide personalized care to each patient. If you have an ACL tear from sports or other activities and live near Noblesville, IN, contact us today and see how we can assist you.