Our Results

By focusing only on knees, we’ve built extensive experience treating:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.
  • Meniscus tears and other injuries.
  • Knee arthritis.
  • Other knee conditions.

By studying our patients for 40+ years, we continually improve treatment for knee injuries and conditions. We:

  • Track how our patients do (patient outcomes).
  • Study factors related to those outcomes.

Better Results and a Faster Return to Being You

Our knee-only focus and patient studies enable us to provide proven treatments for knee injuries and conditions. So we can help you get off the sidelines and back to living, faster and with better long-term outcomes. Here are some of the results from our patient studies

Results for ACL Injuries

Our orthopedic surgeons have treated more than 7,000 ACL tears. Our patients:

  • Have an 85-90% return to sport rate, compared to a 50–60% average for most orthopedic practices.
  • Return to sport in as little as 3 months after surgery, with an average of about 4-6 months after surgery.
  • Have a lower risk of arthritis in the future than patients in other orthopedic practices.

Results for Knee Arthritis

Our specialized knee arthritis physical therapy program helps many patients without surgery:

  • 76% of our patients didn’t need knee replacement surgery after completing physical therapy at Shelbourne Knee Center.
  • Most patients had less pain and stiffness within 4-6 weeks of starting physical therapy.

Results for Other Knee Conditions

Our patients with meniscus tears:

  • Usually heal with proper physical therapy.
  • Usually do better when surgery is necessary when we poke holes into the meniscus with a needle (trephination) instead of stitching the pieces together.
  • Recover faster after surgery by restoring full range of motion and bearing weight on the leg with the injured knee.

Learn More About our Patient Studies

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