Treatment for Incorrect or Imperfect Alignment of the Kneecap

Physical therapy, or rehabilitation, may be effective for incorrect or imperfect alignment of the kneecap.

Sometimes, surgery to move the kneecap into its normal place is necessary. If you have surgery, you’ll do physical therapy afterwards.

Physical Therapy for Incorrect or Imperfect Alignment of the Kneecap

At Shelbourne Knee Center, physical therapy focuses on improving your range of motion: the ability to extend and bend your knee. Once your range of motion is good enough, physical therapy focuses on strengthening your knee. Physical therapy may also address any muscle imbalances that may be contributing to your pain.

Each patient has a personal physical therapist or athletic trainer, who guides you in doing the therapy. You’ll complete most of the physical therapy at home, with periodic visits to Shelbourne Knee Center.

If surgery is necessary, the physical therapy helps ensure a better result and a faster recovery.

Surgery for Incorrect or Imperfect Alignment of The Kneecap

Patellar realignment surgery brings the kneecap back into its normal position. The orthopedic surgeon adjusts the tension of the ligaments and muscles on either side of the kneecap. He then creates a deeper groove for the kneecap with an implant or by moving the bone to one side where the kneecap tendon attaches to the shinbone.

Physical Therapy After Surgery

After surgery, you’ll do physical therapy. This will help you:

  • Control swelling
  • Regain full straightening of your knee (extension)
  • Regain full bending of your knee (flexion)
  • Return to full knee strength.

You’ll do most of your exercises at home, but will come back to the office for some physical therapy visits. You’ll continue to work with your personal physical therapist or athletic trainer.