Patient Stories

Patients with ACL injuries, knee arthritis, and other knee injuries and conditions are getting back to their lives with the help of Shelbourne Knee Center. Here are a few of their stories.

Second Opinion Provides Solution for Unusual Injury


On the first nice day of spring in April 2015, Kendall Thompson went for a bike ride with her mother and her dog. The dog was on a leash attached to Kendall’s bike. When the dog stopped abruptly, Kendall’s bike snapped around and she injured her left knee.

Kendall went to a local emergency department in her hometown of Richmond, Indiana, where she was referred to a…

Soccer Player Travels from North Carolina for ACL Treatment


Darby Bevis has been playing soccer since she was three years old. “Soccer is a really creative game,” says the midfielder from Mooresville, North Carolina. “That’s why I love it.” A high school senior, Darby plays mostly for the Community School of Davidson and the Charlotte Soccer Academy.

During each of four years on her high school soccer team, Darby has been…

Family Chooses Proven Process for ACL Reconstruction and Rehab


At age 15, Noah Snodgrass was selected as the starting quarterback of the varsity team at Hagerstown Junior Senior High School. The high school sophomore had to work extra hard to earn this place on the Tigers because his dad, Scott, is the head football coach. Noah had made the junior varsity team in his freshman year and is also a sprinter on the…

Orthopedic Surgeon chooses PT Over Surgery for Arthritis


Life was great for Wade Rademacher, MD, for about the first 10 years of his retirement. The orthopedic surgeon was spending more time with his wife, Phyllis, and working on his 10-acre property in Carmel, Ind. Dr. Rademacher repaired fences and the barn, took care of a horse, and did home maintenance. “My health improved amazingly with hard work and fresh air,” he says. More…