For Athletes

We know that you want to get back to sport safely and quickly. That’s why we developed a way to help you recover faster from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears and other knee injuries. It’s based on:

  • 7,000+ ACL surgeries performed.
  • 38+ years of research with our patients.

Faster Recovery, Faster Return to Sport

Patients with ACL tears treated at Shelbourne Knee Center:

  • Have a 85-90% return to sport rate, compared to a 50–60% average for most orthopedic practices.
  • Return to sport in as little as 3 months after surgery, with an average of about 4-6 months after surgery.
  • Have a lower risk of arthritis in the future than patients at other orthopedic practices.

Accelerated ACL Surgery Recovery Program

Our Accelerated ACL Surgery Recovery Program focuses on:

  • Preventing or eliminating swelling.
  • Regaining full range of motion (the ability to straighten and bend your knee).
  • Strengthening your leg.
  • Restoring normal walking.

Preventing or eliminating swelling

To prevent or eliminate swelling, you’ll lay down with your knee about the heart for the first five days. You’ll also use special equipment:

  • A Cryo-Cuff®, which keeps your knee cold
  • A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine, which gently bends and flexes your knee.

Focusing on range of motion first

You’ll work on regaining your full range of motion first. Only then do you work on strengthening your knee. We let you bear weight on your leg if you can do this.

Getting personal guidance and coaching

Physical therapy begins in the hospital. After that, you’ll do most of the therapy at home, with periodic visits to Shelbourne Knee Center, which has a fully equipped rehab gym.

Your personal physical therapist or athletic trainer will guide and coach you during your physical therapy.

Easier Recovery

Compared to patients at other orthopedic practices, most patients who complete our Accelerated ACL Surgery Recovery Program:

  • Have less pain.
  • More easily increase and maintain their range of motion.
  • Consistently maintain objective stability in the knee.
  • Need fewer surgeries to remove scars.

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