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Deconditioned Knee


Deconditioned knee

Knees work at their best level when they have full range of motion (ROM) and strength. Another important concept that is often overlooked is symmetry.

The right and left knee should have the same range of motion (ROM) and strength when compared to one another.

Occasionally, an injury or pain in the knee joint will cause a person to favor one knee over a period of time. People with knee pain will habitually stand with their weight shifted away from the knee that is bothering them. Patients also unknowingly make other compensations in an effort to protect that knee when walking, squatting, and climbing stairs.

Pain triangleOver time, this can cause a significant decrease in the strength and range of motion in that leg. Consequently, decreased strength and range of motion (ROM) cause further pain. Increased pain causes the person to favor their knee more, which perpetuates the cycle.


Our rehabilitation staff will perform an evaluation and series of strength tests to isolate the source of your problem. Range of motion is also evaluated at each visit. A significant side-to-side difference in strength or range of motion (ROM) indicates a deconditioned knee.


An individualized rehabilitation program will be developed to help you regain full, symmetric range of motion and strength. Our therapists specialize in treating knee problems and will tailor your program to address your specific needs.

Strength and range of motion will be closely monitored to make sure that you are making progress.