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Arthroscopy is an internal examination of the knee joint to determine damage to the bone or cartilage. The arthroscopy procedure provides the surgeon with an enlarged view of the knee joint during examination and repair.

The scope begins as portals (small incisions) are made to accommodate the arthroscope and other surgical instruments. Sterile fluid is used to fill and expand the knee joint for easier access and viewing.

The arthroscope is an instrument attached to a light source and video camera. The arthroscope allows internal images of the knee joint to be magnified and viewed by the surgeon on a television screen (located inside the operating room).

The arthroscope is inserted into one portal and the probing hook, which acts as a “finger”, is inserted into another. A thorough examination of the joint is done with the arthroscope and probing hook. Following the exam, the appropriate surgical instrument is inserted through a portal to repair, treat, and/or remove the damaged portion(s) of the joint.


After the procedure is completed, the fluid is drained, the arthroscope is removed, and dressings are applied.