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The Support Your Knees Need

No matter what your activity level, your sore or injured knee deserves the best care possible. Your knees are a part of you and are a unique source of the energy you need for participation, spontaneity, sympathy and reflection.

The team at Shelbourne Knee Center has the experience and the approach to optimize each patient’s treatment to get him or her back to the field and to their families. Orthopedic surgeons K. Donald Shelbourne MD and Rodney Benner MD lead a lineup of physical therapists and athletic trainers who believe that a team approach serves patients best for diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of knee problems.

Our doctors have dedicated themselves to providing world-class and innovative knee care for each and every patient. Consistent care doesn’t stop with our physicians. All physical therapists and athletic trainers are involved in our research and developing rehabilitation protocols. Since injuries and conditions vary from one person to the next, your physical therapist or athletic trainer will customize a research-based rehab program just for you.

This approach is unique to the Shelbourne Knee Center and allows your physical therapist or athletic trainer to have direct contact with your physician for a full understanding of your knee condition. This access has proven to be very valuable to our patients’ overall recovery from the support to help patients keep to their treatment programs to our groundbreaking ACL surgery technique that can get athletes back to playing in as little as 3 months after surgery.

Our treatments are based on more than 25 years of continual research and are tailored to meet each patient’s condition and needs. As surgery goes, we know not every injury needs surgery and not every patient wants surgery. Our physical therapy department has proven rehabilitation techniques to decrease pain and increase function. In addition, our rehabilitation program can prevent unnecessary surgery for many knee injuries and conditions. In fact, this has held true in multiple cases where patients were told by other physicians that knee replacement was their best option.

If surgery is needed, Drs. Shelbourne and Benner share the same surgical and rehabilitation philosophies. Research has proven their surgical techniques and rehabilitation programs to be the most effective and progressive treatments available. Our onsite, fully equipped rehabilitation gym and X-ray department provide both efficiency and convenience during your appointments.