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Brazilian Rehabilitation Center Named For Shelbourne

Posted by on September 3, 2013 in News and Events | 0 comments

The Home Hospital of Specialized Medicine in Brasília – DF, Brazil, recently held a dedication ceremony to unveil its new physical therapy center named in honor of Indianapolis orthopedic surgeon, K. Donald Shelbourne.

Dr Lobo addresses crowd

Dr Shelbourne looks on as Dr Lobo addresses crowd

Dr. Shelbourne has dedicated his career to the treatment of knee problems for more than 30 years. He pioneered the contralateral ACL reconstruction technique for torn anterior cruciate ligaments and developed the accelerated ACL reconstruction rehabilitation protocol utilized by doctors and physical therapists around the world.

Ten years ago, one such doctor, Paulo Lobo, Jr. MD, traveled to the US from Brazil to study with Dr. Shelbourne and learn his techniques.  Dr. Lobo has successfully treated hundreds of patients using the Shelbourne Protocol, so when the hospital opened its new physical therapy center, Dr. Lobo suggested it be named for Dr. Shelbourne.

A plaque that greets visitors reads in part: In honor of the award winning K. Donald Shelbourne, MD, orthopaedic, doctor of medicine and knee surgery, who has always believed in the work of physical therapy, has countless scientific publications, and has caused a revolution in the world of knee rehabilitation with the Accelerated ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Program, the famous Shelbourne Protocol.

“I was humbled by the honor and gratified to know that the techniques proven successful in our local Indianapolis center with patients from all across our country are, in fact, helping patients in other countries,” said Shelbourne.  “It may sound cliché, but helping patients really is what it’s all about.”

Drs Lobo and Shelbourne with Paula Pequeno

Drs Lobo and Shelbourne with Olympic gold medalist, Paula Pequeno

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