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Workers Compensation & Liability Claims

Workers Compensation Claims

Your initial appointment must be scheduled by the worker’s compensation insurance case manager assigned to your work –related injury claim.   The case manager will provide our physicians with the required authorization for reimbursement for services rendered as well as other information related to the status of the injury.

If your claim has been denied and/or is being litigated, we cannot schedule an appointment unless the case manager requests and authorized a second opinion.

If you have received a PPI rating or the case is closed or denied, you must provide a letter from the Work Comp carrier that states the status of the claim before an appointment can be scheduled.


Liability Claims

We cannot schedule appointments for patients where the claims must be filed to third party payor (e.g. home owners insurance) for reimbursement.

Private healthcare insurances will not accept liability claims when another payor is responsible for reimbursement.

Failure to fully disclose information relating to your injury at the time of scheduling could result in cancellation of your appointment or nonpayment of the claim, making you responsible for your bill.