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Billing and Insurance

Our business office will help you in all matters involving your Shelbourne Knee Center account, pre-certifications, out of pocket calculations, and insurance issues. You can reach the business office by calling our main number. If you do not know whom you should be calling, simply give a brief description of your needs, and we will direct you to the correct person. Please have your current insurance card available.


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Shelbourne Knee Center is now part of Community Health Network. There are a few things you should be aware of about your billing and insurance coverage.

The Center is operated as a hospital-based office through Community Health. Your office visit charge will be divided into a “facility” charge from the hospital and a “professional” charge from the physician. The Facility charge will be billed from Community Health (outpatient services) and the Professional charge from Shelbourne Knee Center (physicians’ business name).

All other charges, e.g. x-ray, physical therapy, injections, DME, will be billed from Community Health as a hospital based service.

The physicians are contracted with insurance companies separately. This means the physician may be covered in your network but the hospital may not be in your network. It is very important to find out this information on both before incurring charges.

Tax ID for the physicians – 61-1459229
Tax ID for the hospital – 35-0983617

These numbers will assist you checking for in- and out-of-network coverage.

Shelbourne Knee Center at Community Health will work with you on out-of-network concerns prior to your visit. Medical insurance and billing can be very confusing, so please feel free to talk with us before your visit and ask what it will mean for you to be seen out-of-network at Shelbourne Knee Center at Community Health.

If you have any concerns regarding your hospital or physician bill, please call our office at 317-924-8636.


Billing and Insurance Staff
Cathy Grayson 317.957.9318

Linda England 317.957.9319
Billing issues, payment arrangements, collections

Lori Mangene 317.957.9328
Benefit verification, pre-certification

Tara Holly 317.957.9330
Office/Physical Therapy patient out-of-pocket calculations

Stacey Tyler 317.9329
Surgery patient out-of-pocket calculations, surgery pre-certification


Business Office Administrator
Denise Bawel 317.957.9320