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A Speedy Recovery Starts With a Superior Surgery

We have experience with all manner of knee surgeries, ranging from ACL reconstructions to total knee replacements. Not every knee condition or injury requires surgery. But if you do need surgery, Shelbourne Knee Center is committed to getting you back to your lifestyle or sport as quickly and safely as possible. That is our goal and commitment to you.

Nationally, 85% of the surgeons who perform ACL reconstructions do less than 10 ACL surgeries each year. Together at the Shelbourne Knee Center, Dr. Shelbourne and Dr. Benner perform about 250 ACL reconstruction surgeries each year. Dr. Shelbourne himself has conducted more than 6,000 ACL surgeries in his career.

This unmatched level of experience led to our development of a combined, groundbreaking surgical technique coupled with our specialized pre- and post-operative rehabilitation that can get athletes back on to their sport more reliably with more predictable results. Our data shows that 75% of our high school athletes returned to their sport in less than 6 months and the average is 5 months after ACL surgery.

ACL reconstruction replaces your torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL) and restores stability to your knee. If you and your physician decide that ACL reconstruction is the best option for you, you and your caregiver will work with your therapist to prepare for your surgery. Your therapist will design a pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation program specifically for you. You will understand what to expect and what you need to do during the various stages of recovery.

ACL tears typically occur:

  • In non-contact sports or situations
  • With an unexpected change of direction while the foot is planted
  • When landing awkwardly

An ACL tear is a major injury. Patients describe falling to the ground and knowing immediately that they had done something bad to their knee. Those who have been diagnosed with an ACL tear often describe hearing a loud pop.

High-risk sports include basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, and skiing. Non-contact tears occur when the foot is planted with a flexed knee and the person makes a sudden change in direction. Cutting, twisting, pivoting and jumping (landing unpredictably) are common ways of tearing the ACL without involving another person.