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The Largest Joints in Your Body Are No Small Matter

A lot is asked of our knees. Walking, jumping, running, kneeling, and lifting just to name a few of the demands. Add in the repetition of daily routine or the pace and intensity of sports participation, and those demands become even greater. Of course, other factors like trauma, arthritis and other conditions can impact our knees as well.

At the Shelbourne Knee Center, we have seen and treated it all from ACL injuries to arthritis. And because pain is such a relative sensation, we look at a patient’s “good” knee as well to help gain a clearer understanding not only of the source of the pain, but also of possible treatment options that may work for a particular individual.

We do want to stress that if you’re experiencing knee pain, it’s best to have it checked out right away. Continued activity with knee pain has the potential to turn a minor problem that can be treated easily into a more complicated problem that may have a longer treatment and recovery.

So explore the links to learn more about knee pain and the various causes. Please use these pages for information only.

Call our office for an appointment for an actual diagnosis and treatment plan. We always do our best to see patients as quickly as possible.