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“Arthro” means joint and “fibrosis” means the formation of scar tissue. Therefore, arthrofibrosis is an abnormal or excessive growth of scar tissue. In the knee joint, this causes stiffness and loss of range of motion. Arthrofibrosis can occur after knee surgery or trauma. Appropriately directed rehabilitation after an injury or surgery can prevent the occurrence of arthrofibrosis.

Symptoms of Arthrofibrosis

  • Decreased range of motion compared to the other knee after surgery/trauma
  • Losing gains in motion previously achieved

Treatment of Arthrofibrosis

The non-operative treatment of arthrofibrosis focuses on rehabilitation to regain range of motion. An Elite Seat or Flex Seat may be prescribed for daily treatments at home to regain your full range of motion. Other range of motion exercises will also be prescribed. If range of motion is not regained through non-operative treatment methods, surgery may be needed. Scar tissue can be removed during a knee arthroscopy.