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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Active in the Game of Life  

“At the Shelbourne Knee Center, they’ve seen all kinds of knee injuries and conditions and because their focus is knees, they helped me stay active in the game of life.

They know from experience when therapy can be more successful than surgery – as it was in my case – and because of 30 years of experience and research, they know how to minimize recovery time when you do have to have surgery – like they did for my brother.

They took great care of us and they’ll take great care of you, too.”


Traveling the WorldDonna

“After years of suffering arthritic knee pain, I had bilateral knee replacement surgery in March 2008. Prior to the surgery, the staff at the Shelbourne Knee Center supervised an exercise program to improve my range of motion as much as possible. This program continued immediately after the surgeries and I was able to return to my job in 10 weeks.

In October, seven months after surgery, I enjoyed a tour of Turkey which included a 26-hour round-trip airplane ride, over 1800 miles travel by bus and 12 days of walking. I am now enjoying retirement and planning another trip, this time to Greece. I would advise anyone with knee pain to check out what a good therapy and rehabilitation program can do to improve your mobility and quality of life.

The doctors and therapists at the Shelbourne Knee Center have years of proven success with their treatment of knee problems. Thank you for the care and the success I have had!”


SamOfficiating Once Again

“I have always been active in athletics, running half marathons, softball, and basketball. I was a licensed IHSAA official, working Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Softball.

Then in 1991, I tore my meniscus in the right knee and had surgery to repair the damage. I tore it again four years later while officiating a basketball game, requiring another surgery. My knee never was the same, causing me pain whenever I was active. It became so intense that I had to take several pain pills before every contest I was to officiate, and cortisone injections had no further benefit.

It came to the point that I had to either have something done with the knee or give up officiating. The Shelbourne Knee Center supervised a pre-surgery physical therapy routine to strengthen my knee, and after the knee replacement, their post-surgery physical therapy program aided my recovery greatly.

My operation was in February and I was back on the baseball field in April. I have continued to officiate ever since with no knee problems. I am very thankful for the work of the staff of the Shelbourne Knee Center and for the care and treatment I received. It has enabled me to continue doing what I love to do, including realizing my dream of officiating high school football games in Lucas Oil Stadium!”


Back on the Team

“Our 14-year-old son tore his ACL and medial meniscus during gym the day before he was to start 8th grade basketball. Our trusted general orthopedist said that because of his open growth plates, he would essentially have to curtail all his activities for 18 months. We were devastated and willing to take him anywhere necessary to be treated.

We did a search of the medical literature and found out that the surgeon with the most experience with immature knees was right here in Indianapolis at the Shelbourne Knee Center. Dr. Shelbourne felt that John was a good candidate for reconstruction and would be less likely to risk further damage to the unstable knee if he had the surgery. Surgery was performed along with meticulous follow up and rehab. Less than one year after his injury, he made the freshman basketball team and had grown 2 inches. He is still growing and has equal knee strength and leg length.

As a physician and a parent I would strongly recommend Dr. Shelbourne and the staff at the Shelbourne Knee Center for adolescent athletes and for any patient with knee issues.”


The 60-year-old Kid

“Hi Doctor Shelbourne…Good results for Charlie, the 60-year-old kid!

Just a quick update on progress since last April. The progress includes what I am not doing …

  • No longer taking any pain medication on a daily basis. I had taken Vioxx or Bextra for over 4 years until I started the Elite seat.
  • No longer experiencing pain in the knee joint when I walk.
  • No longer experiencing pain every time I swing a golf club… and I have played a lot… as much as 54 holes a day.

What I am doing…

  • Elite seat 10 minutes daily or at least every other day and related stretching exercises.
  • Riding a bike 30 minutes or so 3 or more times a week.
  • Increasing my walking on and off the golf course.

Everyone on your staff has been super, smiling, and happy to accommodate me… and they brag on you! And I know why.

Thanks to all.”