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Dr. Benner Presents Know Your Knees

Want to make the most of your knees? Dr. Rodney Benner will be presenting information on common knee problems, proper knee rehabilitation, strategies to help you maximize knee function for symptom relief without surgery, and how to recognize when it is time for surgery. The event is tonight, 7/30/13, at 7:00 PM at Curves in Lawrence Township, at 6935 Lake Plaza Drive in the Avalon Crossing shopping center at East 71st Street and Binford Blvd....

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Dr. Benner Invited to Present at AOSSM Meeting

Dr. Benner joins an exclusive group of physicians invited to give a podium presentation at this year’s annual meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, July 11th through 14th, in Chicago. His presentation, “Return to Sports and Subsequent ACL Injury Rates after Revision ACL Reconstruction with Patellar-Tendon Autograft” was one of only a few selected for presentation at the meeting. His presentation will...

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Dr. Shelbourne Presents at Herodicus Meeting, Boston University

Dr. Shelbourne is speaking this month at the annual meeting of the Herodicus Society. His topic is “Why ACL Results are Getting Worse.” The society’s namesake is believed to be the father of sports medicine and this group meets annually to share knowledge, outcomes, and best practices. Dr. Shelbourne is speaking later this month to the members of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at Boston University about “Symmetric...

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